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Department of Physics

          Unique feature of the department is that we encourage students to fabricate laboratory experiments indigenously. Most of Experiments based on Electronics were conducted on Breadboard. Breadboards have solderless connections that allow components to be changed quickly, and the components are not damaged by heat from being continuously soldered. Breadboards are especially useful for integrated circuits which have many terminals. Breadboards are useful for teaching electronics where the use of hot soldering irons could be hazardous. We use the components from the discarded /nonfunctional instruments, thereby, contributing to the reuse of e-waste. By this method students gain knowledge of designing & information of each component.

Outcome of Extension Activity

  • 35 Regulated power supply were constructed

  • 10 Dual Power Supply were Constructed

  • 06 types of experimental boards (kits) were constructed ex. study of transistor characteristics, FET characteristics, Op-Amp Experiments etc.


  • Department of Physics use Moodle Learning Management System. Moodle is a learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalized learning environments.

  • Students are encouraged to use computer to prepare PowerPoint Presentation for their seminars so that they learn basic computer skills.

  • The fast learners are provided with extra facilities of learning and their goals are set at higher difficulty level. Slow learners are helped to understand the topics through extra contact hours

  • The department organizes Class Seminar Competitions for B.Sc. Students during every academic session.

  • The department organizes one or two Guest Lectures on Advanced topics in Physics during every academic session.

  • The department organizes Study tour for B.Sc. III year students during every academic session.

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