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Department of English

Research Project :

Sr. No. Name File No. Amount Sanctioned (Rs.) Date of Sanctioned Ongoing/ Completed Title of Project
1. Dr. Aradhana G. Vaidya 23-1554/09 (WRO) 70000/- 13/03/2010 Completed A study of Parsee culture and presented as presented in the works of Rohinto Mistry and Bapsi Sidhwa
2. Dr. Sumedh Y. Ahate 23-1406/14 (WRO) 160000/- 20/02/2015 Ongoing Communication Competency of Tribal Students in English at Secondary Level with Special Reference to Selected School in Dharni Tahasil (Melghat)
3. Dr. Vijay D. Bhange 23-2245/10 (WRO) 90000/- 11/05/2011 Completed 17/12/2015 Teaching of English at High School Level in Rural & Tribal Areas: Teacher’s Role, his Approach and his Problems
4. Mrs. Sneha S. Joshi 23-2241/10 (WRO) 80000/- 11/05/2010 Completed Time Travel in Space Fiction with Special Reference to H. G. Wells’-Time Machine and Mark Twain’s-A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court

Research Papers Published and Presented :

Sr. No. Name No. of Papers Presented in Conferences No. of Papers Published in Journals & Conferences No. of Conferences/ Seminars Attended
1. Dr. Aradhana G. Vaidya 04 08 --
2. Ms. Sangita B. Kulkarni -- 01 04
3. Dr. Sumedh Y. Ahate 01 10 07
4. Dr. Vijay D. Bhange 01 14 10
5. Mrs. Sneha S. Joshi 08 10 --

Chart Showing Research Papers Published and Presented by the Department :

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